Flower Dress with Hellebores


A flower dress made of hellebores

Every year, we join fellow Slow Flowers Members to celebrate American Flowers Week. Together, we celebrate American-grown flowers in all 50 states, and designers from all over the country are paired with local growers to create botanical couture fashion. This past year, we were one of 12 designers selected to create a couture look for American Flowers Week. This flower dress was SO much fun to create, and you can see all 12 designs (as well as the stories behind them) in this amazing, free flip book. They are all such wonderful creations, and we are so grateful to be in such an elite group of artists. Below, you'll see our flower dress made entirely of local hellebores from Skagit Valley. You can see more behind-the-scenes from this collaboration over on our blog, as well.

The full botanical couture flower dress look
A close up of the ombre flowers
A close up of the floral headpiece created for American Flowers Week 2021
Our full couture flower dress in the snow
Flower dress bodice with ombre color palette
The back of the flower dress
Hellebore dress front for American Flowers Week 2021
A bespoke flower dress made of hellebores, with model holding lantern
Petal effect makeup close up
Closeup of the cutout detail on the flower dress
Hellebore dress in the snow
The back of the hellebore couture flower dress
A model with a couture headpiece and hellebore dress looks directly into the camera
Ombre flower dress details

Debra Prinzing, Founder of Slow Flowers: @dkprinzing | American Flowers Week

Carolyn Kulb, Floral Designer: @bloompoet_ | Bloom Poet

Pamela Youngsman, Hellebore Grower: @poppystarts | Poppy Starts

Missy Palacol, Photographer: @missy.palacol | Missy Palacol Photography

Tasia Baldwin, Model: @_tasiajb

Deleana Guerrero, Hair & Makeup: @guerrerodelavida_artistry@luxeartistryseattle | Luxe Artistry Seattle