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Outdoor Wedding Venues in Seattle

November 17, 2021

So many couples come to us a little overwhelmed by the whole wedding planning thing. Even if you have a wedding planner (which we highly recommend), you still have lots of decisions to make! Lucky for you, we know A LOT about wedding venues since we work with them all the time! And we absolutely love working with our venues and fellow vendors (aka friendors) here in the PNW. Seattle has hundreds of amazing wedding venues, so you have lots of wonderful places to choose from! But in celebration of summer and sunny skies, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite outdoor wedding venues in Seattle. These are venues that have wonderful outdoor ceremony and reception options, beautiful grounds, and great reputations. And these are all places we would LOVE to be working in!

Outdoor Garden Wedding Venue: Lakewold Gardens

A large house (Lakewold Gardens) with a table set for a wedding in front of it

Lakewold Gardens offers the perfect outdoor wedding venue for romantic garden weddings. Located about an hour south of Seattle, this historic estate offers 10 acres of beautifully manicured gardens, natural ponds, and paved pathways. As a plant nerd, I love that they have over 900 rhododendrons and tons of native plants in the gardens! But I also just love the whole aesthetic of this gorgeous place, and how it looks like an English country estate magically sprang up in the PNW. Outdoor weddings here are absolutely stunning, and it is such a great choice for anyone who loves old-world charm.

Outdoor Winery Wedding Venue: Chateau Lill

A bride holding a bouquet stands in front of a manicured hedge "doorway" to the vineyard at Chateau Lill

Photo: Tetiana Photography, Dress: The Dress Theory, HMU: Zo and Co Styling, Planner: Hallea Events

Chateau Lill is a perfect choice for an outdoor wedding venue. It has a beautiful range of settings for weddings, both indoor and outdoor, making it a super versatile choice. Located just half an hour from Seattle, the drive up to the venue begins on a gorgeous, tree-lined drive with wrought iron gates. And once you walk around on the 10-acre property, you'll find a vineyard, a stonework terrace, a grassy lawn, and an old-growth forest. Of course, the building itself is full of old-world European charm. Every pocket of this venue is so stunning! Plus, you get to take advantage of their fantastic wine! What's not to love?

I would like to mention here that there are a LOT of other great winery venues in Woodinville. For a larger wedding, check out the Columbia Winery, which also has a lot of versatility in its indoor and outdoor spaces. For a smaller wedding, check out Novelty Hill Januik Winery, or JM Cellars. All of these beautiful wineries come with the added perk of incorporating locally crafted wines in your wedding menu.

Outdoor Rooftop Wedding Venue: Olympic Rooftop Pavilion

Long tables set under the skylight of the Olympic Rooftop Pavillion

Okay, full disclosure, I love heights. So getting married on a rooftop in one of the coolest neighborhoods in Seattle sounds AMAZING to me! The Olympic Rooftop Pavilion brings flexibility and versatility to the table, with its hybrid indoor/outdoor roof space. The “indoor” space boasts a gigantic skylight and open windows, so it feels very outdoor. The actual outdoor space opens to beautiful views of the city, the Olympic mountain range, and all the docked boats and marinas in Ballard. Its proximity to the water means that you will get cool breezes, mountain and water views, and a quick walk to the rest of the neighborhood. The best part? The Olympic Rooftop Pavilion is one of the few outdoor wedding venues in Seattle that is actually IN Seattle! You and your guests will not have to travel very far to get back to your hotels, find a great bar to keep the party going, or get a late-night bite to eat. Another bonus? You won’t have any travel fees from your vendors, who will be thrilled that you stayed in town.

Outdoor Castle Wedding Venue: Thornewood Castle

An image of Thornewood Castle from the outdoor fountain

Did you ever dream about getting married in a castle when you were younger? If so, this is the venue for you. Located about an hour south of Seattle, Thornewood Castle was rebuilt 100 years ago by the guy who co-founded the Port of Tacoma. He was wealthy enough to purchase a 400-year-old English Tudor castle, have it dismantled, and ship it to Tacoma for rebuilding. Kind of a wild story! The gardens were designed by the Olmstead Brothers, who probably designed any park you’ve ever loved, from Central Park in NYC to the linear parks in ATL. And both the indoor and outdoor spaces of this venue are wildly romantic.

We actually have TWO amazing castles in our region, so you should also check out Lairmont Manor. It is near Bellingham, so quite a lot further from Seattle, but it is just as breathtaking!

Historic Seattle Outdoor Wedding Venue: The Admiral's House

The Admiral's House, on a clear blue sky day with beautifully manicured lawn and gardens

Looking for a piece of Seattle history in the city? This gorgeous mansion sits right on Elliott Bay in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle. It has been called a “quintessential” Seattle wedding venue, with views of the bay, the city skyline, and the mountains. The house used to be home to Navy admirals, hence the name, but it reopened as a wedding venue. While the Admiral’s House does have some small indoor spaces, its beauty as a venue is in how much gorgeous lawn there is for summer months and dining al fresco! For rain plans, there is a tent available, but really its strength is how much stunning outdoor space there is to enjoy.

I have a couple of other honorable mentions here for historic outdoor wedding venues in Seattle. First, I want to mention The Corson Building, which would be perfect for a smaller wedding. Built in 1926, it has a magical courtyard with vine-covered walls, Spanish tile, and old-school charm. Secondly, check out The Hall at Fauntleroy, situated in a former schoolhouse. It has beautiful indoor and outdoor space, with a manicured courtyard for outdoor dining.

Outdoor Hotel Wedding Venue: Willows Lodge

a bride and groom standing under a tree with bright yellow fall leaves

Photo: Luna + Lion

Finding the right hotel wedding venue really depends on how large your wedding will be. So, for smaller weddings, I would highly recommend the Willows Lodge. Its beautiful gardens provide the perfect setting any time of year, and the staff there are incredible! The lodge itself is located in Woodinville, which has lots of wineries, trails, and other activities for your friends and family to enjoy. I also love that the Lodge offers a spa and hotel packages for wedding couples, so that you can relax and pamper yourselves leading up to the big day.

Outdoor Hotel Wedding Venue: Woodmark Hotel & Still Spa

suunset on the terrace of the WOodmark Hotel and Still Spa during a wedding

For a larger wedding, I would recommend the Woodmark Hotel & Still Spa. Located in Kirkland about 45 minutes from Seattle, the hotel sits on Lake Washington with a view of the Olympic mountains. The outdoor spaces provide such a gorgeous and dramatic backdrop for outdoor ceremonies! I love that you can get all of the beauty and romance of getting married right on the water, without having to go very far from the city. The tent on the terrace gives plenty of shade, while still being open to the water and beautiful views.

I also have to mention the Bell Harbor International Conference Center, which sounds like a corporate place, but is secretly a gorgeous wedding venue! Located downtown, it also provides gorgeous wedding views of Elliott Bay from its rooftop and indoor rooms. This venue works best for bigger weddings, as the spaces themselves are huge. I love that they are steps away from the heart of the city. Another option for small weddings is the Edgewater Hotel – the historic hotel where the Beatles fished Elliott Bay from the windows! It has beautiful views as well, but can only accommodate 15-50 people outdoors.

Outdoor Wedding Venues on the Islands

There are SO many delightful venues on the islands surrounding Seattle. If you love ferries, scenic views, waterfront venues, and getting away from the city, any of these venues would be an incredible choice.

Kiana Lodge - Bainbridge Island (Sorta)

a lawn at Kiana Lodge with a view of the water and the island across the water

Technically Kiana Lodge is on the peninsula, but the quickest way there is by taking a ferry to Bainbridge Island. So, to me it’s still an “island” venue! Kiana Lodge offers quintessential PNW charm, from its warm wood interiors to the massive lawn right on the water’s edge. Indoors, you will find rustic elements like cedar logs, moose heads, and stonework. For me, the magic happens outdoors, on the lawn, since it is right on the water with gorgeous views. Its grounds include all of the ferns, old growth trees, and landscape plants that you could possibly want. And if you can’t decide between indoors and outdoors, the Garden Atrium provides the perfect compromise, with massive skylights and insanely tall ceilings. It is such a magical venue that feels very far away while still being a short hop from Seattle.

The Manor House at Pleasant Beach Village - Bainbridge Island

a wedding ceremony set up at the Manor House on Bainbridge Island

The Manor House is on Bainbridge Island, tucked away on the south side of the island. Its oudoor space includes a massive clear tent with views of the sound, a gorgeous pergola covered in vines, and prime sunset viewing. I love how light and airy the outdoor seating feels in the sunshine, and that you can stay at the Inn as a part of your wedding package.

Fireseed Catering - Whidbey Island

the garden at Fireseed Catering abutting some large evergreen trees

Despite the name, Fireseed offers both venue space and catering on Whidbey Island! They have 10 beautiful acres of gardens, forests, and pasture lands on the property. Interestingly, they grow a lot of their own produce for their catering, with a full-time veggie farmer on board! The grounds overlook a privately owned lake, and provide stunning landscapes no matter where you roam. If you want wedding photos in tall grasses, under big trees, in a manicured garden, AND in front of water, this is your place! And as an aside, this part of Whidbey Island is one of my favorite weekend getaways in our region, with lots of beautiful nature, cute shops, and fun things to do. I have never regretted making the trip!

Roche Harbor Resort - San Juan Island

An image of Roche Harbor Resort perched on the edge of the water

I’m not gonna lie – the San Juan Islands are remote, difficult to get to, and basically swimming distance to Canada. Of course, this also makes them totally amazing! Roche Harbor Resort sits on the very edge of San Juan Island, and provides a gorgeous and laid-back setting for your outdoor wedding. On the 130-year-old property, I particularly love the old signage, the architecture, and the fact that it is attached to a marina full of docks and boats. The outdoor spaces are beautifully maintained, and of course, you and your party can stay on the property and enjoy the spa and other amenities.

I hope this list gives you some ideas of beautiful outdoor wedding venues we love! We would love to hear what ideas you are working on for your outdoor wedding. You can check your date by clicking the button below. 


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